Location:  Vienna / Austria
Client:  LORENZ Consult ZT GmbH
Building owner:  KAV - Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund
Architect:  DI Markus Pernthaler Architekt ZT GmbH
Services:  Building Physics
 Immission Control - noise
 Room Acoustics
 Room Simulations
 Green Building Certification:
 - ÖGNI NBV 2009 (fast check)
 - LEED(R) NC 2009 (fast check, energy simulation)
 BIM Level III
Period of service:  since 2012
Constuction costs:  about 100 mil. €


 © Rendering: DI Markus Pernthaler Architekt ZT GmbH



    Wielandgasse 36
    8010 Graz
    Österreich / Austria

    Tel.: +43 (0) 316  82 18 60
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